Guantanamo Bay-Research Paper

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Research Paper Topic:
With the closing of Guantanamo Bay Prison and CIA prisons used to interrogate alleged terrorists using methods of torture to retain information, should torture continue to be used by the government and is it a useful tool? Identify your position and refer to sources.

Should Torture Continue To Be Used By The Government?

There is always somebody with more information, money, and power. Usually it is the government, for various reasons, that will not give out information regarding torture. Therefore, whatever we see on TV, read in books, hear from other and sometimes experience ourselves will be the only base of our knowledge on this subject. There is not much we can do to change the current situation, because the government will make the final decision anyway. Even though America is known by its democracy. I strongly believe that torture is a horrible thing to do to anyone. I don’t think that torture should exist in any form, because it’s a physical and mental abuse that can even lead to death. Only in extreme situations should torture be acceptable.

According to Longman Dictionary of American English, torture is the act of torturing someone, mental or physical suffering. To torture is to deliberately hurt someone, in order to force one to tell you something, to punish and to be cruel to one (966). The general routine of torturing includes: “simulated drowning, extended sleep deprivation, and forced temperature exposure (heat and cold)…” (“Fighting”). After reading this, I couldn’t help but picture people being tortured, regardless of their nationality, age, gender, religion, sexual preference, etc. It is scary sometimes how technology gives us new methods and machines for torturing. They are created by people and for people. Isn’t that interesting? Some people cannot take physical abuse for a long time as everything has its limit. Physical abuse directly affects the mental state of a person. Not everyone is created to be strong....
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