Guantanamo Bay Prison

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  • Published : November 12, 2006
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Guantanamo Bay Prison
The United States government has broken its long lasting tradition of protecting human rights by allowing the mistreatment of prisoners in the Guantanamo bay prison on the island of Cuba [Gitmo]. America has always been a nation that promotes and protects human rights to the rest of the world. The long standing tradition of obeying the values instituted by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights has been reversed by Guantanamo Bay. The human rights that the U.S. stands for have not been provided for the detainees at Guantanamo. The sheer existence of the Guantanamo Bay camp contradicts most values and beliefs put forth by the U.S. government, thereby steadily decreasing people’s trust in the word of politicians.

Despite ongoing media coverage, the Guantanamo Bay prison remains a fairly unfamiliar topic to most people. America is more focused on what is going on in Iraq and Afghanistan, than what is happening at Guantanamo. Society is not familiar with the identity of the prisoners, their wrongdoing, the charges against them, or the possibility of a release. Guantanamo is a prison where the US government keeps suspected members of al-Qaeda and the Taliban. Without clear evidence of guilt, these suspected men and children have been arrested throughout the world and said to be dangerous for the security of the United States and the rest of the western world. Majority of people are opposed to the existence of the prison argue that there was no sufficient proof that these men are of any danger to the US or the world. If the government has no sufficient proof that the men are guilty, why are they locked down and not given the right to trial? The captured men are not informed of the reason they are kept away in isolation for three years and want to be either released or simply charged with some crime. The American officials claim that the captured men have some knowledge about terrorist attacks or any other terrorist activities....
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