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So the credit crunch was really hitting this year and I seen this I-Pod being advertised. I took a chance and surprisingly I was very pleased with it for what I had paid.

The small mobility of the device fit anywhere when I was out and about going about my daily routine. For ten pounds it was good purchase. For ten pounds and holding 1,000 songs is extremely handy as even if you have more songs than that you can go back and edit and pick and chose what songs you want on the device. The songs where easily downloadable to the device also, cause really who wants to wait hours waiting for music to upload to a device? Once the music was downloaded it was get a simple click and all your favorite music is playing in your ears. The sound quality wasn’t studio quality but for ten pounds it was good enough quality to keep myself entertained and the tunes in my head.

One of the down side I found by this device was the how long it lasted. It only lasted one hour then needs to be charged for double of that. One hour would be good for work outs at the gym or just before you go to bed or just simply walking home from school. For the price and mobility of the device it’s worth the charging time. For hour bursts of music this is very handy and costly for the amount of music that it holds and also the size of it being so handy making it easy to use. Not top quality sound but enough for it to do the job of the music putting you in a good mood when needed or you need something to run to this is the right device for you especially for the ridiculously good price at only ten pounds.

I would really recommend this for anyone who loves music and just need something portable to carry with them for hour bursts of music to keep them going though their day and for only ten pounds, who wouldn’t want to miss out on a bargin like that?

By Kelsey Vinke-Tuke
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