Gtstone Works Sales and Inventory Management System

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Nowadays, computers are very useful tool that everyone has become dependent using it in schools, government and businesses where there is a need of easy and fast processing of information.
The growth of business with their manual process become ineffective since manual process does not involve only one job however it involves a full process. In this case, businesses need a management system to make the task easier and produce quality outputs. The GtStone Works Urdaneta branch existing system is manual for their billing assessments and sales reports. The process starts, when the customer will give his/her order to the personnel in charge, and then the personnel will check the product after giving the list of orders to the manager. It is the personnel who accepts the orders, do the billing. It is also his job to prepare management sales reports to be given to the manager. With these manual operations, they frequently commit mistakes/errors. Manual operations of the GTstoneworks gives slow process of recording sales amount of the company. It also creates inaccurate records because of miscalculation and human errors. Because of manual recording and keeping of files and records, it can result to record loss which can affect the sales growth of the company.


General Objectives:
The study aims to develop a sale and inventory system to make the procedures and process in GT Stone Works efficient and effective.

Specific Objectives
* To design and develop sales and inventory system that will make advancements with their current system. *
* To reduce the manual effort needed to maintain the information flows between the assessment, sales and inventory. *
* To come up with organized and systematic process of information from assessment to the sales and inventory system. *
* To lessen the problem faced by personnel such as delayed reports, inaccurate information and lost of records due to manual filing.


The study together with the system proposed somehow solves the problems regarding its manual operation. There are improvements when it comes to processing reports like desired reports that will generate easily.

The study will help the society appreciate the benefits brought about by computerized systems that provides more accurate and reliable, which is very useful to business applications.
With this possible outcome, the company will fulfil its operation making them have competitive among others.
The system will give significance to the personnel generate reports accurately in small amount of time.
Quality service for the customer will be satisfactorily since files are well organized in a single database.
This will be significant to us researchers because we can make use of this study in the preparation of our research in the future and serves us our guidelines. This will provide basic information to the students on pursuing similar problems encounter in this study.


The project requirements cover the hardware, software and people ware needed for the development and deployment of GT Stone Works. The company already has a computer unit but it was used for encoding reports on Microsoft excel. The advantage is the company do not need to buy a new computer unit to be used with for the proposed system. 1. Development Requirements

A. Hardware
-Personal Computer
Table no. 1: Hardware’s specifications (minimum requirements). Processor| Pentium III|
Memory| 512 MB DDR|
Hardware| 40 GB IDE|
Monitor| 18.5 wide LCD|
Keyboard| Keyboard|
Mouse| Mouse|
AVR| 500 waltz AVR|
Printer| Canon printer|
Casing and Power supply| INTEX 500 waltz power supply|
SOURCE: BANDMAX and PC Cartel Urdaneta City
B. Software
Programming/Coding| IDE (Microsoft access 2003)|
Operating System| Window XP...
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