Gsm Timers

Topics: Mobility management, Release, The Network Pages: 4 (659 words) Published: January 21, 2011
Timer Name |Description |Value | |
|T100 RADIO-LINK-TIMEOUT |Detects the presence of the radio link by detecting SACCH frames every |4 SACCH multiframes. That is| | |480 ms. |1.92 seconds if the SACCH is| | | |completely absent. | |T200 Data link timer |Used for re-transmission on the data link. The value varies depending on |155 ms for FACCH | | |the message type. | | |T301 Alerting (ringing) |Timer used to limit the amount of time a user has to answer a call. |20 seconds | |timer | | | |T303 Mobility Management |Time the network waits after sending a CM SERVICE REQUEST until receiving|10 seconds | |connection timer |a response. This occurs before initiating call clearing procedures | | | |towards the MS. | | |T305 Release timer |Time the network waits after transmitting a DISCONNECT message until |10 seconds | | |receiving a RELEASE message. | | |T306 In-band tones release |Time the network waits after transmitting a DISCONNECT message while |10 seconds | |timer |in-band tones/announcements are provided, until receiving a RELEASE | | | |message....
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