Gsm Based Water Pump Motor Controller with Voice Response

Topics: Irrigation, Control theory, Wireless sensor network Pages: 6 (1605 words) Published: March 9, 2013


Mr. Ashish S Khachane

Dept. of Electronics Engg,JDCOE, Nagpur.

ABSTRACT: This paper presents a GSM based water pump motor controller with voice response. Here, I have developed a intelligent voice response system for water pump controller through which user can get to know what exactly the status of water pump based station ;whether it is in ON mode or it is in OFF mode. Also, If there will be some problem/damage occurred in system, instantaneously system will be automatically switch OFF then ,massage will be send to user via message and call service.

Keywords—IVRS, APR9600 voice chip, real-valued response, base-station operated from long distance, Protection from damages due to voltage fluctuations, heating effect.


We know, in this speedy world, life is so busy that one can’t go every time to his industry/farms. Various types of problems can be solved by using this system. Using mobile we can turn ‘ON’ or ‘OFF’ system from anywhere in the world. Ex. In an industry the chair person sits in his office and C.C.D. (cameras) are placed in the whole industry for looking & monitoring the where about in an industry, which is connected to computer in the office. By observing condition of motors one can switch on or off motors just sitting into his office. The IVRS system which is designed will consist of simple components like microcontroller and some basic application chips like DTMF decoder, relay driving IC and voice chip etc. IVRS system is used for industrial automation because, IVRS system uses pre-recorded or computer generated voice, it responses to provide information in response to an input from a mobile caller. The input may be given by means of touch-tone or Dual Tone Multi-Frequency (DTMF) signal, which is generated when a caller presses a key of his/her mobile set, and the sequence of messages to be played is determined dynamically according to an internal menu structure (maintained within the IVRS application program) and the user’s input. The main advantageous function of this IVRS system is that we get the voice feedback from our mobile headphone.




As explained in the circuit diagram, we used microcontroller ATmega32puC as controller in our project. We use DTMF decoder (CM 8870) for decoding signal which is connected to port D. Voice chip (APR 9600) in which different voices are to be recorded connected to port B of ATmega32puC.It is necessary to establish GSM modem at Receiving Based Station in irrigation farm on water pump motor controller and this GSM modem should be kept in an auto-answering mode. Each key of user’s mobile is assigned with corresponding function i.e. *1 to turn on motor, #1 to turn off motor. When any user or owner of farm calls from his mobile to base-station GSM modem, it receives the call and ask for the correct password. If password is incorrect it tells “password is incorrect” and to re-enter the password. If we dial correct password then it accepts it and goes for next step i.e. start of the system which we want to start ‘on’ or ‘off’. Suppose we dial a number from the mobile set on that particular industry it receives our call then we press ’*1’, this information is given to DTMF decoder present in our project. This decoder decodes signal i.e. ‘*1’ and generate logic signal “0b00011011”for *& “0b00010001” for 1 on port D of microcontroller ATmega32p uC. After getting signal on port D it processes on it and generates a signal i.e. logic 1 on port C of microcontroller ATmega32p uC .This logic 1 signal will be given to pin no.21 of ATMEGA32 uC . At the same time, pin no. 8 of port B of ATmega32 uC goes high and that signal will be transfered to pin no 1 of APR9600 voice chip because of that respective massage sound will be spoken by speaker i.e....
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