Gsm Based Power Theft Intimation

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  • Published : February 27, 2012
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Merely generating more power is not enough to meet present day requirements. Power consumption and losses have to be closely monitored so that the generated power is utilised in an efficient manner. This illegal electricity usage may indirectly affect the economic status of a country. Also the planning of national energy may be difficult in case of unrecorded energy usage.

Illegal electricity may be a serious problem in many countries .This problem has been attempted to be resolved by special skills of humans, such as the police special security etc. These methods could not give optimum solution due to their impracticalities.


The power theft monitor is an important research in electric power system, and electricity-stealing is the chief problem facing by the electric board people. Due to electricity stealing , lot of electricity generating companies are running under losses. so to overcome their losses they are taking adverse decisions like increasing the cost/unit etc. Electricity stealing is a long term problem, however, each power supply department has made huge investments of manpower and material, the phenomenon of defending stealing electricity has increased and not abated, and the method of electricity-stealing is continuously improved. The behavior of electricity stealing not only makes the power industry suffering huge financial losses but also threatens the main power supply security and reliability. Due to the kind of electricity-stealing and actual demand of preventing electricity stealing, based on that equipment of electricity stealing with remote monitoring is designed, which not only monitors the electricity stealing occur but also sends the SMS to the local field man to catch the thief with positive proof to handle lawbreakers with the behavior of electricity-stealing.


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