Gsm Based Notice Board

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  • Published : August 8, 2012
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The world is going mobile and we want to control everything without moving an inch.The main aim of the project will be to design a SMS driven automatic display . The message to be displayed is sent through a SMS with the help of a GSM module.And the message will be displayed on LCD display. Basic working and hardware required:

The main components include microcontroller, GSM modem. These components are integrated with the display board and thus incorporate the wireless features. The GSM modem receives the SMS. The AT commands are serially transferred to the modem . In return the modem transmits the stored message through the COM port. The microcontroller validates the SMS and then displays the message in the LCD display board.SIM300 is used as a GSM module.In the prototype model, LCD display is used for simulation purpose. Applications: The main application of the project is that it helps in display of the message at notice boards situated at different locations through a single sms from the mobile, thereby it eliminates the wastage of paper and ensures the immediate transfer of information Team Members:

Sanghshree Mesharm
Sneha Parihar
Sukhada Deshkar
As our project is GSM based digital notice board,the first step was to get familiar with the AT commands for SIM300 module.First we got familiar with AT commands on HYPER TERMINAL . To check if your GSM module is working or not the most basic command is AT and then press ENTER if OK is displayed it means your module is working. Our main objective was to send and receive messages.First we practiced it on HYPER TERMINAL and after gaining confidence on all AT commands we moved on to the Micro-controller. AT COMMANDS USED:

AT press ENTER OK signifies your module is working properly. AT+CMGF press ENTER will convert all hexadecimal code into TEXT format. To send message AT+CMGS=”Recievers number” press ENTER “YOUR...