Gsce It Examination Paper

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Edexcel International GCSE

Information and Communication Technology
Paper 2: Practical Paper
21–25 May 2012 Time: 3 hours
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You must have: Short treasury tag, Cover Sheet, Data files: AIRPLANE, CHARGE, INTERAYR, JULY, NOTES, PLANE, IMAGES FOLDER

Complete your candidate details on the cover sheet provided. At the end of the examination use a treasury tag to attach your printouts to Page 2 of the cover sheet.

There are five activities in this examination paper totalling 100 marks. The marks for the parts of tasks are shown in round brackets: e.g. (2).

Read through the instructions on Page 3. Attempt ALL activities. Take breaks away from the computer from time to time. Label your printouts clearly as instructed in each task.

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Instructions to Candidates This paper consists of five activities. Work through the activities and tasks in order. Do not spend too much time on any one activity. For all tasks, you MUST enter the task number, your name, candidate number and centre number BEFORE PRINTING. This table shows the marks and data files needed for each activity. Activity 1 2 3 4 5 Using Art/Imaging and Graphics Software (AG) Using Database Software (DB) Using Web Authoring Software (WA) Using Spreadsheet Software (SS) Using DTP/Word Processing Software (DTP/WP) Total Marks Marks 8 31 15 30 16 100 Data files needed PLANE, AIRPLANE INTERAYR NOTES, IMAGES FOLDER CHARGE JULY

For all activities, you may also need to use word processing software.

Scenario InterAYR is a travel company owned by Angela Yelena Reith. These are the contact details of the Head Office. Address: InterAYR, 1 High Street, Croftor, Middlesex, TW21 2PM Phone: 01753 329202 Website: Email:



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Activity 1 – Using Art/Imaging and Graphics Software (AG) (15 minutes) Task AG1 Open a new document using word processing software. Enter Task AG1, your name, candidate number and centre number in the footer of the document. SAVE the document as TASK AG1. (a) Angela wants to use the photograph AIRPLANE on the InterAYR website. She wants the image cropped before it is used. Open a suitable art/graphics package. Open the image AIRPLANE. Crop the image so that:

(3) SAVE the image as AIRPLANE2. Paste the cropped image into TASK AG1. RESAVE TASK AG1. DO NOT PRINT at this stage. (b) Angela wants the image PLANE altered to use as the company logo. The logo must be suitable for printing in colour or black and white. Open a suitable art/graphics package. Open the image PLANE. Change the image so that:

(3) SAVE the image as AYRLOGO. Paste a copy of the image into TASK AG1. RESAVE TASK AG1. DO NOT PRINT at this stage.



(c) In document TASK AG1 explain how the changes to the image PLANE make it fit for purpose as the logo. (2) Make sure that TASK AG1 is still on one side of A4. RESAVE TASK AG1. PRINT TASK AG1. (Total for Task AG1 = 8 marks) TOTAL FOR ACTIVITY 1 = 8 MARKS



Turn over

Activity 2 – Using Database Software (DB) (50 minutes) The INTERAYR database has two linked tables:

Angela has stored details of customers and their flight destinations in the CUSTOMER table. Open the database file INTERAYR. Task DB1 The structure of the CUSTOMER table is: Field Name ID TITLE INITIAL FNAME LNAME PHONE DEST DATE Data Type Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Date/Time Description Unique ID for each customer Customer title Mr (for male) or Ms (for female) First letter of customer first name First name of customer Last name of customer Phone number of customer Three letter code for airport of destination Date of flight (short date format dd/mm/yyyy)

(a) Angela wants a data entry form for the CUSTOMER table. Create the data entry form. It must:

SAVE the entry form as DB1a. Display...
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