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Centre Number Surname Other Names Candidate Signature

Candidate Number

General Certificate of Secondary Education Foundation Tier and Higher Tier March 2012

Science A
Unit Biology B1a (Human Biology)

Unit Biology B1a (Human Biology) Thursday 1 March 2012
For this paper you must have:  a black ball-point pen  an objective test answer sheet. You may use a calculator.



Morning Session

Time allowed  30 minutes Instructions Fill in the boxes at the top of this page.  Check that your name, candidate number and centre number are printed on the separate answer sheet.  Check that the separate answer sheet has the title ‘Biology Unit 1a’ printed on it.  Attempt one Tier only, either the Foundation Tier or the Higher Tier.  Make sure that you use the correct side of the separate answer sheet; the Foundation Tier is printed on one side and the Higher Tier on the other.  Answer all the questions for the Tier you are attempting.  Record your answers on the separate answer sheet only.  Do all rough work in this book, not on your answer sheet. 

Instructions for recording answers Use a black ball-point pen.  For each answer completely fill in the circle as shown.  Do not extend beyond the circles.  If you want to change your answer, you must cross out your original answer, as shown.  If you change your mind about an answer you have crossed out and now want to choose it, draw a ring around the cross as shown. 





1 1

2 2

3 3

4 4

Information  The maximum mark for this paper is 36. Advice Do not choose more responses than you are asked to. You will lose marks if you do.  Make sure that you hand in both your answer sheet and this question paper at the end of the test.  If you start to answer on the wrong side of the answer sheet by mistake, make sure that you cross out completely the work that is not to be marked. 




2 You must do one Tier only, either the Foundation Tier or the Higher Tier. The Higher Tier starts on page 16 of this booklet.

FOUNDATION TIER Section One Questions ONE to FIVE. In these questions, match the letters, A, B, C and D, with the numbers 1– 4. Use each answer only once. Mark your choices on the answer sheet.

QUESTION ONE The diagram shows some of the organs inside our bodies.



Kidney Liver

Match organs, A, B, C and D, with the statements 1– 4 in the table. A B C D brain kidney liver lung 1 2 3 4 coordinates responses removes carbon dioxide from the body produces cholesterol removes excess ions from the body


3 QUESTION TWO Drugs affect the human body. Match drugs, A, B, C and D, with the statements 1– 4 in the table. A B C D cannabis nicotine statin thalidomide

1 2 3 4

the addictive substance in tobacco smoke used to reduce blood cholesterol levels overuse can lead to mental illness used in the treatment of leprosy

Turn over for the next question

Turn over 

4 QUESTION THREE In vitro fertilisation (IVF) is used to help infertile women to become pregnant. The table gives statistics for 1 year from one clinic that gives IVF treatment. Age of women given IVF treatment Under 35 years Number of women treated Number of single births Number of sets of twins Number of sets of triplets 450 90 24 1 35 –37 years 208 44 8 0 38 –39 years 106 17 4 0 40 – 42 years 53 1 1 0

Match numbers, A, B, C and D, with the statements 1– 4 in the table below. A B C D 21 24 36 41

1 2 3 4

the number of women under 35 who had twins the least successful age for having IVF treatment the number of women aged 38 –39 who had babies the difference between the number of single births and the number of sets of twins for women aged 35 –37


5 QUESTION FOUR The effects of three slimming programmes were evaluated for 6 months. The graph shows the results of the study.


20 Mass...
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