Gscc Code of Practice.

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GSCC Code of Practice

GSCC Code of Practice
The GSCC code of practice is a list of statements for care workers that describe the standards of professional conduct and practice required for care workers as they go about their daily work. The GSCC Code of practice consists of 6 care value bases.

They are;
1) As a care worker, you must protect the rights and promote the interests of service users and carers. 2) As a care worker, you must strive to establish and maintain the trust and confidence of service users and carers. 3) As a care worker, you must promote the independence of service users while protecting them as far as possible from danger or harm. 4) As a care worker, you must respect the rights of service users while seeking to ensure that their behavior does not harm themselves or other people. 5) As a care worker, you must uphold public trust and confidence in social care services. 6) As a care worker, you must be accountable for the quality of your work and take responsibility for maintaining and improving your knowledge and skills For each care value base, certain things are included in order for the care worker to meet the requirements The first care value base a care worker must, treat each person as an individual. To do this they should call each service user by their name in order to make them feel a sense of individuality. This is important because not calling someone by their name is like taking away their identity and may make them feel less of a person. Next, carers must respect and, wear appropriate, promote the individual views and wishes of both service users and carers. In order to do this carers must make sure they listen to the opinion of each service user and take it in to account, as long as they are appropriate and able to be promoted. This is important because if an opinion of a service user is not heard or is ignored it will make them feel unhappy and left out. Next, cares must support service users’ rights to control their lives and makes informed choices about the service they receive. In order to make this work service users should be able to do what they feel is right. However, a carer should watch other them but let them do whatever it is by themselves. If, they are doing something dangerous a carer must obviously stop them. This is important because service users must have the experience of doing things for themselves and learning from their mistakes and they also have the right to do what they please. Next, carers must respect and maintain the dignity and privacy of service users. If a service user tells a carer something confidential carers must make sure they do not tell anyone unless it may cause harm to themselves or anyone else. This is important because if a service user has told a carer something an they go an tell another carer it will make the service user unhappy and unable to trust anyone. Next, carers must promote equal opportunity for service users and carers. In order to do this carers should make sure each service user has the opportunity to do things they enjoy. Carers as well as employers should make sure that service users as well as carers are treated equally. This is important because if everyone is not treated obviously they will feel unhappy and would not like working of being part of their care home, it would also make them feel inferior to others as well as being unappreciated. Lastly, carers must respect diversity and different cultures and values. This requires carers taking into account different cultures and religions of everyone. This includes making note of what certain religions and cultures say about the food people can eat, it also means that carers should take into account praying times and rules that are to be followed. This is important because religion and culture is mostly important to an individual and should not be taken advantage of. It may also cause one distress. Just because they are being cared for...
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