Gs1 System

Topics: Radio-frequency identification, Electronic Product Code, Marketing Pages: 2 (439 words) Published: March 3, 2013
implementation of global standards and solutions to improve the efficiency and visibility of supply and demand chains globally and across sectors

The GS1 System is an integrated system of global standards that provides for accurate identification and communication of information regarding products, assets, services and locations. It is the most implemented supply chain standards system in the world. It is the foundation of a wide range of efficiency-building supply chain applications and solutions and is composed of the following areas:

| GS1 BarCodesGlobal data and application standards for bar codes that use the globally recognised GS1 Identification Keys to automatically identify things such as trade items, locations, logistic units, and assets.| | | GS1 eComGlobal standards for electronic business messaging that allow rapid, efficient and accurate automatic electronic transmission of agreed business data between trading partners. Based on two components: GS1 EANCOM and GS1 XML.| | | GS1 GDSN®The Global Data Synchronisation Network™ (GDSN™) is an automated, standards-based, global environment that enables secure and continuous data synchronisation , allowing all partners to have consistent item data in their systems at the same time. Global Product Classification (GPC) is a key component of GDSN , enabling effective category management.| | | GS1 EPCglobal®A new global standards system that combines RFID (radio frequency identification) technology, existing communications network infrastructure and the Electronic Product Code (a number for uniquely identifying an item) to enable immediate and automatic identification and tracking of an item through the whole supply chain globally, resulting in improved efficiency and visibility of the supply chain.| | | Data QualityGS1 Data Quality aims to support and drive improved data quality throughout the supply chain (B2B2C). Data are of high quality if they are fit for their intended uses in...
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