Gryphon: Teacher and Baxter

Topics: Teacher, Substitute teacher, Wife Pages: 2 (805 words) Published: April 21, 2013

“Gryphon” is a short story about women.
Author showed two types of women. The first type represented by the teacher, and the second type represented by the narrator’s mother. The teacher represents women who are free and not restricted by family. She was not married, she traveled in order to explore the world, and she was well educated, while narrator’s mother was a typically housewife dependent on her husband and predestined to “full- time mothering at home” (Rich, 1996) In the first paragraph is presented Miss Ferenczi a substitute teacher. Unlike other boring normal substitute teachers, who “provided easeful class day, and nervously covered material” (Baxter, p. 15)into the class came woman they had never seen. “She was no special age but her face had two prominent lines, descending vertically from the sides of her mouth to her chin. I knew where I had seen those lines before: Pinocchio. They were marionette lines” (Baxter, 2010). As she walks to the blackboard, picking up pieces of white and green chalk, she draws a large oak tree on the left side of the blackboard saying the class needs this tree in it. Then she told the class about her royal Hungarian ancestor. She was proud of her mother being a famous pianist who succeeded her first concert in London for “crowned heads. The substitute teacher’s behavior and personality surprised her students because she was strange. She was different from their mothers, which were uneducated housewives sitting “silently at the back of the room, doing her knitting.” (Baxter, 2010) Narrator’s mother “face and hairstyle always reminded other people of Betty Crocker, whose picture was framed inside a gigantic spoon on the side of the Bisquick box” (Baxter, 2010). For him his “mother face just looked white” (Baxter, 2010). She always had chores to do; she was only interested in cleaning and cooking. She did not participate in the life of her son, she really did not talk to him, she just command. They only have...
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