Growth of a Hotel Chain Via Globalization

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Growth of a Hotel Chain via Globalization
Kempinski Hotels S.A.

Subject: Introduction to Hospitality

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Table of Content
Management Board6
Brand Philosophy7
Corporate Social Responsibility7
Kempinski's goal8
Different Kempinski’s logos10
Notable properties11
Related Industry14
Luxury residence units for rent14
Luxury residences for sale14
Recent Business Activities19
Kempinski business model19
Kempinski as a member of Global Hotel Alliance20
Kempinski DNA23
Implementation of Infor10 Corporate Performance Management25
Latest news articles30
Kempinski to open 5 new GCC hotels by 201230
Kempinski Hotels to Manage a New Five-star Resort Hotel in Southern Russia31
Kempinski: the Best Brand of 201131
Advertising examples33


Kempinski, Europe's oldest luxury hotel management company, has a diverse and international portfolio. Kempinski Hotels S.A. is an independent Swiss delisted joint-stock company. It is involved in a number of luxury hotel and hospitality related businesses, including conference, catering and hotel supplies. And Kempinski was among the first to enter the developing market of fully serviced residences during the 1990s. Kempinski Hotels now owns and runs an international portfolio of 68 hotels. A further 39 hotels are either under final development or construction in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia. Kempinski is also a Member of the Global Hotel Alliance.


The company we know today as Kempinski Hotels' began in 1897 under the name Hotelbetriebs-Aktiengesellschaft in Berlin. At the turn of the century, the first grand hotels were built in Germany's largest cities and several of these belonged to the Hotelbetriebs-Aktiengesellschaft when it was founded. At the same time, M. Kempinski & Co. was founded by Moritz Kempinski and developed in parallel, finally being acquired by the Hotelbetriebs-Aktiengesellschaft in 1953. Berthold Kempinski was born on October 10, 1843, in Raschkow in Posen (formerly a province of Prussia, but now known as Poland). He was one of two sons. In 1862, his brother, Moritz, opened a specialist wine shop in Breslau, called M. Kempinski & Co, which Berthold joined two years later. They worked hard at their enterprise together and ten years later, in 1872, Berthold and his wife, Helene, moved to Berlin and opened a wine shop under the same name, which they soon expanded into a restaurant with rooms. In 1889, Berhold opened a restaurant in the Leipziger Strasse with several dining rooms, the biggest restaurant in Berlin at this time. When Berthold retired, the company became Richard's (his son in law), even though the name was retained. Berthold Kempinski died on March 14, 1910, and was therefore spared from the events to follow. Until the First World War Richard, who now owned the company, had managed to build an enormous real estate complex revolving around his gastronomical business. During the First World War, the business ran smoothly and after the war, Richard even managed to buy his own production-centers. Then, as the Kurfürstendamm Street began to enjoy more popularity, Richard bought and managed a restaurant at Kudamm 27 (the address where to this date, the Kempinski Hotel Bristol proudly stands). In 1928 M. Kempinski & Co. also took over the management of the Haus Vaterland' on Potsdamer Square and introduced a sensational new concept - entertainment gastronomy which Berlin had not seen before. After success, however, came sadness. In 1937, Richard Unger and his family emigrated to the United States of America to escape the war. Unfortunately, the Restaurant at Kurfürstendamm...
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