Growth of Application Download

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Author : Evans Mbogo

Growth in Application Download

The In-Stat made a projection of approximately 48 billion applications downloads by the time it reaches 2015 with over thirty billion dollars of revenue generated. As we acknowledge the diversity of both computer and mobile applications developed my talented programmers, more growth is noted in the mobile world. With the help of online stores like Android market by Google and App Store by Apple, downloading of applications continues to explode. The In-Stat research suggest that download rate of mobile based platform applications steadily increases due to the high demands of application users that has flooded the market. For example, App store from Apple , offers over 500,000 applications despite its low-populated free apps while Android market nearly clocking over 200,000 applications (Kharif, 2010) . Nevertheless, Juniper studies reveal that in 2009, only 2.6 billion applications for Smartphones were downloaded of which the previous year they predicted that 25 billion Smartphone applications will be downloaded come 2015. App store in the main reason for the exploding app download growth rate. Apple reported last year July that over 15 billion applications from the App store were downloaded to 200 million iPads, iPod and iPhone in the past 3 years. When compared with Google, Android market lately reported 4.5 billion applications downloads. Philip Schiller, Apple marketing product head, said in a news briefing that $2.5 billion dollars has been paid out to the developers of the applications in the App store for the past 3 years. Developers earn 70% of the App store tagged price of their application when sold online. Through the duration, Apple earned $1.2 billion from online sales, this means that App Store collected $3.6 billion all together through 2011(Kharif, 2010). In-Stat predicted that total app download incomes will exceed $29 billion by 2015. "Mainly encouraged by the iPhone introduction,...
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