Growth Mindset

Pages: 2 (580 words) Published: April 23, 2013
Aali’yah Smith
English 80
February 26, 2013

Put it to use, and you will succeed
“Think about what intelligence is, many people believe that a person is born either smart, average, or dumb…” by Carol Dweck. When you hear the word brain, the first thing that normally pops into your mind is whether somebody is smart or dumb. A human’s brain consists of much more than intelligence. The brain is more of a muscle. There are many parts to your brain that most people just don’t understand. With the research and study shown, and done by psychologist Carol Dweck, she explains whether intelligence is something that can be fixed or can grow. Your brain consists of two different mindsets. These mindsets are fixed, and growth. A “fixed mindset” is when individuals believe their talents, and abilities cannot be improved by any means necessary. They feel as if they’re born with a certain amount of everything, and do not wish to challenge themselves because they are scared of failure. “Growth Mindset” is much simpler to explain. One who has a growth mindset is normally the individual who is more open to expanding what they are capable of learning. They’re determined to improve themselves; by taking on challenges, and using positive actions. They also believe the harder you work, the more you accomplish.

Being able to overcome “Devastated Setbacks” is the problem people normally have when it comes to being courageous about something. Majority of human beings who are willing to further their education, most of the time walk into a classroom with a “fixed mindset”; not wanting to accept the challenges that they are going to be given, because they do not want to be criticized. They “Harm their motivation” which hurts their willingness to learn or do something new. Students who want to improve their readings, writings, and etc… change their mindsets from fixed to growth with the intentions of succeeding. But one thing you have to understand is the steps and...
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