Growth and Development of Personnel Management in the Philippines

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HRM is relatively a new field in the Philippine business. It wasonly in the early 50’s that it gradually gained acceptance andrecognition in private business and industry. Three conditions mustexist for it to gain acceptance and recognition:1.Top management must be convinced that human resourcemanagement is needed in its business operations2.Qualified human resource administrators must be available3.Human resource administrators must demonstrate its capacity tocontribute to company’s objectives and goals.Despite these limitations, HRM has won a good deal of acceptance and recognition for itself, due largely efforts of

Among the activities of PMAP are:

1. training and developing human resource administrators throughseminars, lectures, conferences, workshops, meetings andtripartite conferences pertaining to HRM and industrialrelationships

2. participation in public hearings to voice support of, or oppositionto, proposed legislations affecting business and industry

3. dissemination of information to upgrade HRM, offering technicaladvice through its special committees and library facilities

4. establishments of a public relations program aimed at informingthe public about the nature of human resource workMoreover, government instrumentalities such as the Departmentof Labor and Employment (DOLE), the Employee’s CompensationCommission, the Social Security System (SSS), the National Manpowerand Youth Council, and the other government agencies, usually consultwith the Association before taking a stand on matters affectingemployee – employer relations.

Post – War Development

The development and growth of HRM in the Philippines is primarily a post-war phenomenon, and is concomitant with the country’s industrialization. Its growth is continuing in both scope and importance.

Factors contributed to the growth of HRM are:
1.The increasing complexity of business...
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