Growth and Decline

Topics: Industry, Manufacturing, United Kingdom Pages: 2 (584 words) Published: October 5, 2010
M2- Growth and Decline of Sectors
In the UK there are three sectors. These are the primary, secondary and tertiary sectors. The primary sector and the secondary sectors are declining due to a number of reasons such as cheaper imports and the increasing use of technology, taking over jobs which used to be done by hand, e.g. milking cows. It is cheaper to import resources and materials such as coal, farming products and meat from abroad from places such as India, China etc. The primary sector is focused extracting raw materials. The reason that this sector is declining is because businesses are struggling to find the materials to extract. Natural resources are running out and the profit available to these businesses in the past has been decreasing rapidly. This is because companies are now buying from developing countries, where the cost of extraction is cheaper. Automation and machinery has replaced many jobs in the primary sector, causing the number of workers in the primary sector to move over into work in the tertiary and partly secondary sector as the jobs in those sectors are more secure and safe. The secondary sector involves manufacturing the products which are then sold to companies in the tertiary sector; this involves using machinery and new technology to make daily products. They manufacture nearly everything sold in the tertiary sector from simple foods to computers and housing goods. However to do this, the companies require a lot of raw materials which are provided from the primary sector and as the primary sector is decreasing, less materials are available for the manufacturing companies. Businesses in the secondary sector in the U.K are finding it very difficult to compete with other markets which manufacture products of the same purpose as most of the manufacturing of existing products takes place in other developing countries such as China and Thailand. This is one reason why companies set their main factories abroad, as they are able to...
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