Growing Up with My Cousins

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  • Published : February 7, 2013
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Growing Up with My Cousins

I consider my cousins, Jessica and Jennifer, to be my best friends. We have always been close growing up. Jessica, Jennifer and I are very close in age. Jennifer is two years older than me, and Jessica is two months younger than me. I believe that we being close in age gave us a sisterly bond. Growing up, we spent a lot of time together at my grandma’s house. While we were at my grandma’s house, we let our imagination run wild. Today, there are a lot of miles between our homes. We don’t let the distance keep us from spending time together. I consider growing up with Jessica and Jennifer to be my favorite pastime.

Jessica and Jennifer feel more like sisters to me than cousins. During my life, my mom has never been around. Throughout my younger years, I needed direction on growing into my female body. My cousins taught me how to take care of myself. We have always been there emotionally for each other. A special day for me was when I got to stand up beside my cousins in Jessica’s wedding. I felt closer to them on that day than ever before.

My grandma has always considered us girls as her “three angels.” When we were young girls, my grandma invited us to spend a lot of weekends at her home. While we were at grandma’s house, we were spoiled a lot. Almost every weekend, we went roller skating at the Skate Ranch. The Skate Ranch was our special hangout place; we had a lot of fun there. Another fun memory at grandma’s house was all of the home videos our grandma recorded. My grandma would often hide in the front window and record us cheerleading in her front yard.

All of our lives, we have never lived in the same town. The distance has never stopped us from seeing each other. We take turns driving to each other’s houses. I think traveling to each other shows the dedication we have to one another. If we aren’t able to see each other often, we know that we can call each other if we...
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