Growing Up Racist: Political Stability and Assimilation

Topics: Racial segregation, Racism, African American Pages: 4 (1010 words) Published: January 22, 2013
Growing up Racist: Political Stability and Assimilation
As seen historically and in modern politics, identity is a major issue for policy making and leadership. Race and ethnicity not only provide for a diverse and unique society, but also lay the framework for instability and political unrest. The difference between a stable political regime’s and an unstable regime’s assimilation policy can predict the ultimate outcome of an equality movement. In this paper I will argue that assimilation is interconnected with political stability, and that the policies, good or bad, of the government do dramatically affect the outcome of civil rights movements.

Political stability is a hard phrase to define; it can mean many different things to man different people. Most commonly it refers to the idea that the government will not be destabilized or overthrown by unconstitutional or violent means, including domestic violence and terrorism. This paper will focus on the destabilization of the government, including de jure segregation, as well as economic inequality based on identity and stabilization through political change. All three factors can be implemented by a government and undermine the stability of the entire political system.

Based off the mixing of multiple races or ethnicities, assimilation is a hard idea for many societies to grasp. It includes near complete legal AND cultural mixing, creating a national identity from many different groups. Assimilation is based off of four main benchmarks; socioeconomic status, spatial concentration, language assimilation, and intermarriage (Waters and Jimenez 2005). This paper will focus on socioeconomic status, spatial concentration, and some intermarriage ideas, and the lack thereof within societies. On the surface assimilation is centrally bound by the idea of “us” versus “them” theory (Jung 2000), and creates factions within a country based on race and ethnicity. Most countries have at least...
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