Growing Up in Charlotte, NC

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  • Published : March 27, 2013
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Growing up here in Charlotte NC was very hard for me and my family. As a young child, I was the younger of two children actually, I was the middle child of three, I had a baby brother who died at a young age from an illness. Well as a young child I grew up on the West side of town called West Blvd. and then we moved to Rosszell ferry Rd. We stay there till I was in the 5th grade we then moved to Columbus Circle and then to Bruns Ave as you can see I moved around a lot but it did not matter everywhere we moved I was always the one who got picked on because of my clothes and hair, My hair was short because it was not took care of, my clothes were not new, we had to shop at the thrift store of the goodwill to find things that would fit. I remember as a young child one year for Christmas me and my brother did not get anything for Christmas, O my God I was so hurt. All my cousins got all these toys but me and my brother did not get anything, and the sad part about all this is my Father had brought me and my brother bikes but he took them to SC and gave them to his girlfriend children. I also remember as a young child as the one who was always took down in the basement and messed with by my uncle, or when I went to visit my cousin their older brother would try to mess with me, This thing I took and push in the back of my mind, and tried to live my life as best I knew how. Living life as a teenager really was hard. I was known as the Black Dolly Pardon, WOW this was hard but I still push my way through this. I manage to finish school and college but life was still hard. At the age of 21 I got pregnant with my second child, O I did not tell you I got popped at the age of 16 and lost the baby, I lost the baby at 3 months. When I was 19 I decided to leave home, and that was the worst decision of my life, I was abuse by my son father, who has passed away, James E. Henderson was killed in 2007. In 1986 I gave birth to a son Jonathan D. Adams. Jonathan is now 26 years old. In...
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