Growing Up and Black Balloon

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  • Published : May 21, 2013
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Growing up is the state of liberating yourself from oppression.

Growing up is the concept that a person has become mature enough to defend and look after him or herself and when someone can protect himself or herself from emotional oppression of the mind. Growing up is when a person can rise above problems that arise and then lead to oppressions on the mind such as sadness and anger. Also maturity is achieved when people are able to stop craving attention and thinking about themselves and instead think about others, and liberate themselves to look at the bigger picture rather than their petty problems, this then frees the mind and forces away any form of oppression that the mind feels. The movie ‘The Black Balloon’ (2008) directed by Elissa Down meticulously demonstrates the different stages of growing up using the character Thomas.

Growing up is the state of overcoming and rising above problems that create oppressions on the mind. A human with an undeveloped brain are incapable of resolving these issues, therefore this creates a sense of oppression of sadness, anger and many other unwanted emotions on the brain. When a human’s brain “grows up” and develops it is able to think of logical solutions to find out an away of resolving these problems. In the movie the black balloon it demonstrates how an undeveloped brain reacts to a problem or a conflict that arises, in the Thomas’s party scene when Thomas and Charlie have a fight. The scene is shot is a shaky hand held camera, the effect of using this method of filming is to demonstrate Thomas mind and how it is unstable and frustrated oppression on Thomas’s mind, therefore proving that his mind is unable to cope with the problem and the only way he knows how to solve it is to fight. Also the camera uses Dutch tilt, to show disorientation, this shows that Thomas is confused and does not understand how to resolve the problem. This shows that Thomas has an extreme amount of oppression on his mind

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