Growing Up

Topics: Psychology, Anxiety, Adult Pages: 2 (714 words) Published: January 9, 2013
Kelli O’Connor
Ms. Rice
English 3
November 29, 2012
Growing Up
The circle of life includes being born, growing up, getting old and dieing. Everyone under goes a major transition from childhood to adulthood, but how significant is this change? People usually only notice transitions that are major. Attitude plays a big role in maturity levels. Children tend to view the world as revolving around themselves, while adults see it as a place of business and money, but even with their differences they share a lot of the same thoughts. What makes a child’s personality so much different than that of an adult, and what makes it similar?

A child’s outlook on life is much different then those of an adult. A child sees the world as revolving around themselves. According to Davis, “Children have been seen to act in a more free manor, worrying mostly about themselves, over time learning to consider others views and feelings when completing an action.” Children don’t have worries like adults, a children’s importance greatly differs that of an adult. For example, why would a child care about the economy or Wall Street market? A child’s mind is focused more on themselves, which is why children have such a hard time sharing. They get everything handed to them, so they take things much more for granted rather than taking into account what they are really worth. A child is care free; they have a free spirit and are almost completely unaware of the world around them. But adults, on the other hand have much different outlooks on life.

An adult’s perspective on the world is almost purely based on that of pressure. How can a grown person feel the end of pressure when everyone around them seems to be relying on them? An adult has to be serious about their life or they won’t get anywhere, adults have a lot of “weight of their shoulders.” According to Miranda Hitti, “1 in 3 adults feel extreme...
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