Growing Old Together

Topics: Thought, Love, Human Pages: 2 (451 words) Published: February 3, 2013
The ideal conjugal condition for human beings is to find a mate and grow old together, unlike the many species of animals who meet to propagate the species and move on to other places and other mating. Yes, the ideal condition is growing old together, although, as desirable an idea as it may be, in actuality, there are millions upon millions of our species who never get to do that.

In a recent survey (summer, 2009), AARP took a survey of 2,000 Americans regarding their feelings about love. 70% of Americans aged 50 to 64, reported currently being in love. 47%, 65 and over, were admittedly “very much” or “passionately” in love. And a whopping 75% of the Americans, aged 50-64 years-old, believed they had encountered “the love of their life.”

The above statistics are heartening when thinking of the idea of growing old together. It certainly gives one hope.

On the other hand, we hear so much about divorce statistics ,the latest being that almost two out of three marriages will end in divorce, many of them not too long after the marriages were entered into. Unlike years ago, when couples weathered the storms of marriage, no matter how difficult and raging they might be, it appears that many couples today are willing to give up the ghost without applying too much effort to do what it takes to hold them together.

It’s difficult to think of anything more heartwarming or cozy than the phrase “growing old together.” Visions of two elderly people seated close together on an overstuffed sofa, tucked under a tartan blanket, and staring into the dancing flames of a log fire, while icy winds whirl outside their cabin in the woods come to mind.

Imagine being together with another human being for 50 or 60 years! After all that time, there probably isn’t a dire need to speak: everything has already been said, and besides, both parties, by that time, are perfectly adept at reading each other’s thoughts. Imagine the comfort in that.

Of course, the flip...
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