Topics: English language, Language education, Group Emotion Pages: 7 (1743 words) Published: March 25, 2013
Hanoi National University

University Of Languages And International Studies





Group 7: Đỗ Thùy Dung

Nguyễn Thị Giảng

Lương Thị Bình Minh

Class: QH2010F1.E3

Research problem: The participation in in-class group work in English speaking lesson of University of Language and International studies (ULIS)’ first year students.

I. Problem statement and rationale:

Nowadays, English is widely used all over the world. It is spoken as official language and second language in many countries. In Vietnam, English is a compulsory subject in the curriculum of schools. However, the fact is that teaching in Vietnam which mainly focuses on grammar skills has led to the lack of students’ capacity to speak to each other in English (Bui, 2010), which is totally against the target of learning second language in the first place: to be able to communicate. As a result, a new method of teaching speaking needs to be taken into practice. Group work was one of activities which have been tried out.

The influences of group work have been recognized in many studies such as Konopka (1963), Brown (1994). According to Tew (n.d), group work is a major key to engaging learners in their learning. In group, students have a better self-awareness and also self-confidence, which leading to the improvement in speaking.

Among many speaking activities in English lesson in Vietnam, from the observation and experience as a lecturer of the Faculty of English at Vietnam University of Commerce, Nguyen (2008) has noted that group work – key features of learner – centered orientation – received more emphasis. ULIS’ students have also been acquainting with working in group since their first year in learning English speaking. However, first year students have to face many challenges. For example, they don’t know how to manage their group or how to divide the workload equally. In other words, like Smith (2008) has said in his article, while many practitioners may describe what they do as group work, they often have only a limited appreciation of what group work is and what it entails. Difficulties students often have in doing group work have been researched carefully in many previous studies, nevertheless, few studies about this aspect has been done with students in ULIS. This situation has impulsed us, as researchers, to carry out a study to investigate the participation in in-class group work in English speaking lesson of ULIS’ first year students. Hopefully, the research will make a contribution by helping the teachers to understand more about their students’ condition as well as helping student to improve their group work skills.

II. Aims and objectives of the study:

First of all, the research aims to identify the reality of doing group work in classroom in English speaking lesson of ULIS’ first year students. It also aims to clarify difficulties which first year students usually have when implementing group work and what they did to overcome those difficulties. In short, the study focuses on answering these three following questions: 1. How do ULIS’ first year students participate in doing in-class group work in English speaking lesson? 2. What difficulties do ULIS’ first year students usually have while doing in-class group work in English speaking lesson? 3. What did the ULIS’ first year students do to overcome those difficulties?

III. Outline for literature review of the study:
1. Teaching English speaking skill in Communicative Language Teaching 1.1 An overview of Communicative Language Teaching 1.2 Teaching English speaking skill
1.3 Types of English speaking activities
2.3.1 Individual speaking activities
2.3.2 Group work speaking activities
2. Group work in English speaking lesson
2.1 Definition of group...
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