Groups/Teams and Motivation : Organizational Structures

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Running Header: Assessment #3 Groups/Teams and Motivation

Assessment #3 Groups/Teams and Motivation : Organizational Structures Joycelyn Gray
Bus520: Leadership and Organizational Behavior , Strayer University Instructor: Lila Jordan
August 16, 2009

Off-Shore Technological Team: Analysis of the Situation

The decision to relocate the technical support team has created a change to the composition of the group. The group is now a mixed group. The entire organization is now heterogeneous and the support team is homogeneous. Several factors make the organization as a whole heterogeneous, they are: (1) geographical locations, (2) customs, (3) culture, and (4)language. The support team is a homogeneous group, because of the same factors listed that make the organization heterogeneous (Griffin & Moorhead, 2009, pp. 241, para. 1).

Recommendation on Team Formation

Preparations must begin now that the decision has been made to form the technical team. The needed preparations are: (1) clarifying the mission, selecting the site for the work team, preparing the design team, planning the transfer of authority, and drafting the preliminary plan. (Griffin & Moorhead, 2009, pp. 273, para. 1). The mission statement for moving the moving the technical team off-shore would be to increase customer satisfaction by providing 24 by 7 customer support. After the mission statement has been identified and approved by management, the steering committee would determine the location of the off-shore team site. I would suggest receiving input from those that are familiar with the possible locations. The selection of team members begins after the location site has been determined. This will start with selecting the design team. This will be the initial team members and a manager that will select the remaining team members. The design team will work closely with the steering committee to ensure the right employee's are selected with the correct compensation amount. “Planning the transfer of authority from management to teams is the most important phase of planning the implementation. Teams must learn new skills and make new decisions, all of which take time” (Griffin & Moorhead, 2009, pp. 273, para. 5).

Technical support teams are expected to solve problems as they arise. Griffin & Moorhead ( 2009) suggest keeping task of the support group simple, a homogeneous group is likely to be more productive when the group task is simple and where cooperation is necessary, and quick action is required (pp. 241, para. 2). Separating the technical support group allows that group to focus on one aspect of the organization. Keeping the technical group small allows them to focus more on task oriented activities where the large organization has to be more involved in administrative duties that require protocol and control (Griffin & Moorhead, 2009, pp.242, para. 2). The organization should set up routine opportunities for the large group to interact and get to know each other to form closer relationships and to encourage cohesiveness. Employee's tend to work better with those they know or get along with.

A quality circle made up of leads or managers from the technical group and the organizational should be formed and meet weekly virtually to ensure the level of service and organizational goals are being obtained (Griffin & Moorhead, 2009, pp. 269, para. 1). Virtual teams can use live meeting applications that allow the team to view the same information at the same time. Conference call lines can have multiple participants communicating all over the world.

The leader/manager assigned to be the liaison between the groups and the organization should have a detailed view of the culture and norms of the group and the organization. The manager selected can facilitate workplace norms that encourage cohesiveness between the teams and the organization.

The off shore team should have the ability and authority to make decisions that are directly...
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