Groups, Leadership and Decision Making

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  • Published : February 13, 2013
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In order to be in a group, one must cooperate, understand and participate to their member, that’s how a group is, either wise, it wouldn’t be called as a group rather individual. The types of groups are: (1) Primary Group, which for Charles Cooley is face-to-face association and cooperation. Wherein in forms the social interaction and ideas of an individual. He also said it by the word “we”, where an individual includes himself to the many individuals participating the group. (2)Secondary Group, which was the opposite of primary group wherein there is no face-to-face or intimate and personal interactions. Interactions are very distant and not so personal. They share interactions through phone, radio and other means. In order to be in a group there must be interactions, relations, goals, perceived groupness, interdependency and motivations where needs are satisfied.


Leadership is an act of an individual to lead others, this person is known as the leader, wherein, this leader guides and instructs his members. To be a leader one must have the character, having character is lasting and very efficient for his members to follow him. A leader must have charisma; it is the extraordinary power of an individual, a very special spiritual gift, being charismatic one must be kind to others by complimenting or motivating them. A leader must have commitment in doing something, finishing the things they started, a commitment starts in the heart and seen in action. Next is communication, where the leader interacts with its people, by words, actions and motivations. Next is Competence, where the leader is improving everyday and trying to learn by experiences. A leader must have courage in order for his people to do what he instructs them. Next is discernment, to realize or think fast to how he will react to something that needs an action. A leader must be focused to what he does. A leader must have...
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