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Critique Assignment

The researcher hopes to solve the problem of online student’s in-group discussion following a whole class discussion. The author has noted that just grouping online learning students according to such variables as geographical areas, time zone or gender would result on outsiders or locker. The author also sees a problem of instructors letting the students to self-select and randomly choose among themselves this would be a disaster. During the self-selection, students with the same abilities would group with each other and thus forming a homogeneous group. The shy in the whole class discussion students would be leftovers. The drawback is only significant where the weak students are in a group. The strong group usually tend to subdivide the work among themselves according to their strengths thus omitting dynamism among the group members. Even with random assignment, students with similar attributes always tend to end up together. Using variables like age, gender and participation to group for communication collaborative learning have ended up being quite complex and time consuming prior to assigning students prior to learning. The authors assert that though there have been studies in the area, it has only been cantered on whole class participation or group collaboration. The author planned to investigate what method is more feasible in allocating students to more collaborative group. The variables that should be considered in forming the heterogeneous groups to encourage more active communication for collaboration. The researcher also plans to observe if mixing the so called ‘lurkers’ with more active students in the small group change their participation.

Therefore, the authors aim was to examine students’ participation behaviour during whole class discussions prior to small group activity. It was done by identifying the...
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