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  • Published : November 17, 2010
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What is Groupon? It is a group coupon. Groupon started in November 2008 as part of The Point, a platform for collective action. Andrew Mason started Groupon to make it easier for people to enjoy the great things in their community. They do it by offering daily deals at unbeatable prices through the power of group buying. Groupon uses collective buying power to facilitate huge discounts on fun things to do in popular cities. Things like theaters, spas, restaurants, boutiques, and events. If enough people sign up, the deal is activated. By requiring a minimum number of buyers, Groupon can guarantee businesses lots of customers and can make sure it’s subscribers received the best discount. Groupon makes it easier than ever to assemble a huge group of people with the bargaining power to get amazing deals. With technological advancements in communication and sites like Facebook and Twitter, it makes it easier to get the people you need to activate a deal. And for the business, landing a Groupon deal, even at a loss, can put a small business on the map. Groupon is on pace to pull in $1 billion in sales faster than any company in history. They treat their customers the way that they like to be treated, and do everything they can to offer a "too good to be true" experience from the moment you buy your Groupon to the day you use it. Groupon also use their consumer collective to lift each community they touch, by featuring local charities and organizing support for community causes.
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