Group Work

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Describe the decisions you would made and what would inform them in relation to a hypothetical group that you would consider appropriate to create arising from your placement experience.

My placement has been with on a duty/intake child protection team with the HSE. During this placement I attended several meetings raging from Team meeting/school meeting/child protection meetings/child care review meetings/fostering information meetings/adoption information meetings and Child health care meetings.

Client group

If I was planning a group in relation to my placement I would consider running a group to deal with parentening skills for parents who are referred to Social Work Dept as a result of their children at risk. This essay will start by examining and exploring how I would start this group, what criteria I would apply for participants, what are the aims of the group and for how long would it run. In setting up this group I would be aware of the dynamites of such a group and the outcomes I would hope to achieve.

I will start this essay by defining what group work is and relevant theory. I will then demonstrate how I would plan and facilitate a group, and I will give an example of such a group.

‘Social group work is a method of social work which helps individuals to enhance their social functioning through purposeful group experiences whether on a one to one basis or by the whole group experiences (Konopla, 1983). The emphasis is somewhat a traditional one of helping the individual with a problem. Contemporary group work emphasises action and influence as well as reaction and adaption (Douglas 1978:6).

Benson (2001:11) makes a clear statement of group work practice and the effectiveness of group work:

“Group work practice is a helping process designed to correspond to specific instances of individual or group need, based on a view of man as in constant interaction and relationship with others.

The group

The make up of the therapeutic...
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