Group Therapy Comparison Paper

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Group Therapy Comparison
Treating patients with problems related to chemical dependency requires often the development of multimodal therapeutic approaches which can comprise both group and individual therapy. Group and individual therapy are however dissimilar on many levels regardless of their utilization, with varying degrees, for the purpose of providing aid and care to the addict and patient. The understanding of the differences between these two types of therapies is important to select the best treatment options for oneself as the patient. Individual substance abuse therapy has of course the obvious advantages of privacy, which for individuals who feel uncomfortable sharing their emotions with others can make a big difference. Thus in individual treatment, patients work with professionals in a one-to-one relationship. Similarly, "individual" couples or families can work with a professional in a planned course of treatment. Group therapy brings on the other hand people with the same struggle into one place, which can provide support and comfort during the hardest times. These groups often include five to ten patients led by a professional. Group work is also deemed by many to be advantageous due to the sense of accountability as each member tends to keep an eye out for the other (Maisto, Galizio, Connors, 2010, p.382). These are however the general differences between group work and individual substance abuse therapy. A closer analysis reveals similarities and contrasts in methods, vision, and measures of success. Both group and individual treatment groups focus on providing age-specific treatment that is supportive and non-confrontational and aims at building the client’s self-esteem while focusing on coping with emotions as depression, loss, loneliness, and the rebuilding of a clients' social network. The significance of the emotional state and the problems of addiction are clearly recognized in both group an individual therapy. However, while in...
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