Group Research Proposal

Topics: Nutrition, Food, Health Pages: 1 (328 words) Published: April 22, 2013
1. Thesis Statement & Research Questions: The food at college dining centers including NIU, serve unhealthy food that puts the students at high risk of gaining weight that adds to the obesity rate in America. 2. Rationale: We our concerned with our health because we eat at the dining centers almost every day for every meal, and the choices are not the healthiest, resulting in weight gain and not being happy after we eat. Obesity is high in the United States and the food at dining centers on college campuses can play a part in that. We can seek information from the dining halls themselves, health departments, and statistics in obesity. We can look for health studies on the effect that poor diets have on college students. We can also look for this information by taking a look at questioners, interviews with faculty and students who eat at the dining halls and articles online. 3. Review of Past Discussion and Research Question: We already know that the dining halls serve pizza, fried chicken, and sweets everyday and that it causes obesity. We want to learn if we can change the menu so that there are more healthy options that are as available as the junk foods. We will seek information at the dining halls themselves, health books, and a dietitian from the rec, seeing as that they are free of charge. We can compare the menus of other campuses and use that information. 4. Target Audience: The Housing and Dining Center, and the students that are eating in the dining center. They are the target audience because they are the ones that are able to relate to the topic and are the ones being affected by it because they eat there. 5. Expected Outcome: to make sure that not only NIU students are educated about the topic, but that the employees of housing and dining are aware of the affects that their food has on the student body.
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