Group Research

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Group research

Today more than ever, work is performed in teams. Organizations increasingly rely on team- based arrangements as to gain competitive advantage and improve the experience of work for their employees (Guzz&shea, 1992; Thompson, 2004). Groups can make a division of labor, gathering information and ideas, intense co-operation between he individuals and brainstorming. A group is two or more people who interact to achieve their goals, which mean not all gathering of people is a group (Grorge, &Jones, 2012). The most important thing for a group is to achieve its goals. There are many factors affect the ability of group to achieve its goals such as personal characteristic, knowledge and experience , inaction, collaboration, plan for goals, leader, culture, relationship of members, identify ,goals, communication within group, structure, cohesion and team spirit etcetera. Which element(s) is the effective one for an effect team to achieve its goals? To indentify the most important elements we should take account to the group’s concept, function, and goals besides the concept of group effectiveness have mentioned above. From my perspective, the leader, personality trait, and individual satisfaction are the most important elements for an effective group. This essay will analyze the important element and seek to indentify the most important factors of working in a group and make a credible explanation.

What is an effective group?
A group is two or more people who interact to achieve their goals, which mean not all gathering of people is a group. Group goal have been defined as one that all or most members of a group can agree on. There are two attributes define a group: 1. Members of a group interact with each other; what one person does affects everyone else and vice versa (E.Wener, 2008). 2. Members of a group believe there is potential for mutual goal accomplishment—that is, group members perceive that by belonging to the group, they will be able to accomplish certain goals or meet certain needs (D.Bunis&N.Luna, 2008).

An effective group with high group which effectiveness stated as: a positive significant dimension for measuring group’s ability to achieve its goals. This essay use the concept of group effectiveness by Hackman and Sandstrom, who argued that group effectiveness is to achieve the target of the actual results, including three aspects: 1. team production yield (quantity, quality, speed, and customer satisfaction degree); 2. the impact of a team on team members (outcome); improve team working ability, to work more effectively(Hackman, 1987). This definition is not only concerning the team’s current achievement but also its continued performance and improvement. Group effectiveness includes task output, viability of team (members’ ability to work together is strengthened and maintained), and the extent to which members’ need are met.

The leader
Managers commonly can supervise many group members, which regarded as a critical role can manage an organization’s resource including human, financial, material, and other important resources to improve its effectiveness (Fayol, 1974). Managers can perform planning, organization, leading and controlling, with their positive status in group. A leader has the power to lead managers and employees with their charisma, knowledge, and skills, under which the group can seek the optimal direction towards goals. Direction is crucial in energizing the team, in getting it properly oriented toward its major objectives, and in engaging the full of members’ talents (Hackman, Wageman, Ruddy &Ray, 1975). Leader can make a group has great cohesion, orientation, motivation, and execution; cohesion -the degree of implementation of unity and cooperation among group members, group activities goals lead corporation, trust, compliance, and obedience within group which are significant for team to accomplish its goals. There are...
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