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  • Published : February 19, 2013
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Basic Elements of Group Process
Foci of group counseling
* Counseling groups: - problem specific and growth oriented * Members typically don not need personality reconstruction * Concerns relate to developmental tasks of life:
- Situational crises
- Relationship problems
- Life transitions
- Dealing with self defeating behaviors
Why is group counseling increasing?
* Research indicates that group counseling is effective for both remediation and prevention * Cost effective: Allow counselors to work with more people * Group members gain insight
* Group members practice new skills
* Groups can be both therapeutic and educational or combination Examples of group counseling goals
* To increase self acceptance, self confidence, & self respect * To learn to express emotions in a healthy way
* To learn more effective social skills
* To make specific plans to change certain behaviors
* To become more compassionate
Advantages of Group Counseling
* Members work toward specific goals
* Serves as a microcosm for society- conflicts inside groups mirror those outside * Group offers understanding and support
* Sense of belonging
* Members learn ways of being intimate, caring, and challenging * Opportunities to practice behaviors in the groups
* Learn how to bring these insights into their life outside of group *Group members will develop a picture of who their want to be and come to understand what is preventing them from being that person Group Process

* Process is best experienced by active group participation. A group is more than the sum of its individual participants. It is the interaction between group members who through interdependent roles produce the outcome. * Each group culture or style of interaction is unique to its specific situation and circumstances. Important variables in group process include its purpose, leadership style, structure, size and...