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Group Case Analysis Write-up (20%)
You are required to submit 4 group case analyses assignments. Each will count for 5% of the final grade and these assignments are to be done with your study group. Each write-up must begin with a concise executive summary (no more than 200 words). All assignments should be submitted in class. The main case analysis report should be written using 12-point Times New Roman font, double-spaced, with one-inch margins on all sides, and must not exceed four (4) pages of text plus two (2) additional pages of exhibits (there are no font restrictions for exhibits). I do not require a write-up for the first case we will discuss. For each of the other cases assigned for write-up, all groups will be responsible for preparing, individually, a written report each. A hard copy of the document must be delivered to the professor in class before the case discussion begins. You also have to send a soft copy of the case write-up to the professor via email (one of the group members can take responsibility of timely submission) because no late submissions will be accepted. Note that the last sessions will be tight for every group. They will involve both case write-ups, and the final group project. Start working early to do a good job at both! Writing case write-ups is sometimes difficult at first. It might be helpful to have a template or format for writing up cases. I provide a particular format for presenting your ideas to ease this process. The format used for the case write-up is standardized and must be followed. You should have headings for each of the following sections: ▪ Concise Executive Summary: This should define a) the context in which the decision must be made, b) the most important problem facing the company, c) an outline of your recommendations, and d) what specific objectives do you hope to achieve with those. There is an upper limit of 200 words. The executive summary does not count towards the 4 page limit.

▪ Problem Statement: You should provide a brief statement of the key “problem/issue” in the case. Be sure to focus on a “problem/issue” - not a symptom. Typically this is not more than 3-4 sentences. You should focus on one “problem/issue” - even if the case has more than one. All of your subsequent analysis should be directly related to this “problem/issue.”

▪ Situation Analysis: Summarize the key factors of the situation that drive your subsequent recommendation and implementation. Don’t list all the facts. Focus on facts that are relevant to the problem statement and/or help you to evaluate the different alternatives. Further you should not simply restate information provided in the case study. Instead you might want to combine information in order to generate new insights or to provide a new perspective to the case study.

▪ Alternative Strategies: Briefly discuss alternative solutions that you considered – but did not choose – in your analysis and explicitly recognize the pros and cons, advantages and disadvantages of each. If possible show that the alternatives are financially not viable.

▪ Recommendation: Describe and critically evaluate your recommendation – you should list pros and cons of your chosen course of action.

▪ Implementation Plan: Develop a plan for implementing the alternative you recommend. The implementation should be practical. Consider the costs and benefits. These are essential elements and sometimes require making some assumptions – make the assumptions necessary to put forth your plan. Make sure the case write-up is easy to read. Consider using bullets, headings, etc., to make the case write-up easy to follow. The objective of this process it to give you practice writing concise executive summaries – something that would make the reader believe that you have done a thorough analysis supporting your recommendations. This is the type of briefing that must typically be prepared for...
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