Group Project English 227

Topics: Consumer Product Safety Commission, Kelly Services, Innovation Pages: 2 (696 words) Published: October 28, 2012
October 10, 2012
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Mariana Tavera
Kelly Services
Kelly Services
Monique Matheson
VP, North America Human Resources
Nike, Incorporated
Ms. Matheson,
Innovation is as important to Kelly Services as it is to Nike, Incorporated. Along with talent and insight which leads us to find solutions to be innovative. We understand that your goal is to inspire and innovate every person (athlete) worldwide. At Kelly Services, we seek opportunities to innovate and improve. We are dedicated to building strong relationships with the companies that hire us to build a community. With large corporations like Nike, sometimes there are certain aspects that require more attention than others. At those moments Kelly Services can help to overcome these obstacles. We can help with finding the best and brightest corporate and warehouse employees to spur innovation and manage inventory, contract manufacturers in the US that will work with products approved by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, and since you have manufacturing plants worldwide we can help to keep these workforces in accordance with the law. Marketing and innovation has contributed to Nike’s rising market share in the global footwear market. Our team has the experience and the connections to ensure that Nike Inc. has qualified employees to bring new ideas and lead them into the future. Our recruiting efforts with colleges and universities worldwide has given us an outstanding pool of young future corporate employees. While the Nike brand has reached its peak in the U.S. there is tremendous room for growth in Asian and European countries. Our Headquarters in Singapore, and Switzerland are a perfect resource. For the manufacturing plants that are in other countries, we can help with the hiring process to ensure that the people working there are capable of upholding the standards for working conditions according to the law. At Kelly Services we can help Nike’s workforce in Asian countries. The...
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