Group Project Decision-Making Advantages

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It is important to Strawhats Pirate’s group to learn about decision making in groups because it is common to work in groups and making decisions collectively rather than alone by the group leader. Decision making in group process is a structured problem-solving or idea-generating strategy in which individual’s ideas are gathered and combined in a face-to-face, non-threatening group situation. It is an effective way of gathering a lot of ideas from a group, and it guarantees input from all group members. Group decision making methods.

There are several methods of group decision-making. Some of the common methods are authoritarian style, brainstorming and voting based method. And for Strawhats Pirate’s group, the methods that usually used are brainstorming and voting based method.

Authoritarian Style
The authoritarian style is like a dictatorship, in which the decision ultimately rests in the hands of one member. This style of decision-making is applicable in the presence of a powerful person who dictates the entire process of decision-making and has the final authority on the outcome. This style, although in use at various places, tends to have more disadvantages than advantages because the member whose opinions are disregarded might have negative feelings about the entire process. A variation of this method is the minority control method wherein the group discusses the issues but the power of decision-making rests not in the hands of one but a small group of people within the group.

This method is best when the decision-making starts from scratch, which means creating the various options and then weighing them. This is an excellent method for group decisions, which is very popular owing to the complete creative freedom it offers to all the members. The positive aspect of this method is that it values the opinion of every individual member and the final decision is reached by a consensus.

Voting Based Method
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