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  • Published : May 5, 2013
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Group Process Analysis
In this semester, I had a good time and chance to work in a group project with small group communication class. I always hate to do the team work because I feel that I was not valued by others people. Fortunately, I was in a perfect group with understandable and kind partners. My group started with six people included me. The same as any group or team work, my group went through the primary tension stage which was described as the initial jitters and uneasiness felt by individual during the first meeting (p.78). We did not make a lot of eye contacts and just smile which could reduce our cautious. Moreover, we had a short uncomfortable silence and nobody wanted to break the silence first. I felt nervous and hesitant to make conversation with them. To get over the anxious, we introduced about ourselves and got to know about each other a little bit before doing the contract and establishing the group rules. By creating ten interesting question, we shared our habits, personal fear, future dreams, and childhood stories. These things helped us to erase the distance and get closer. On the next step, we discussed about group name, logo, slogan, and mission. I realized that we were following the symbolic convergence theory which meant we create a convergence and group identity by communicating and sharing our stories or fantasies (p.189). However, the purpose of this group project was helping the organizations to gain more awareness from the community; so we gave our own choosing organizations and explained why we chose them. Interestingly, all of us had the same passion of helping children. We decided to choose the Booken Kamp Children’s Shelter after Alma expressed her experience and knowledge about this organization. We also agreed that Alma was our leader because she had information and relationship power with the Booken Kamp. Importantly, she was nice and did not use her knowledge to control us. We were excited about the ideas to...
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