Group Mind

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The Group Mind

People change to the atmosphere. If you are with a friend you can watch how this attitude changes from when he is with you to when he is set in the group mind around other peers. You can also look at yourself. Humans act on their natural instincts and if you look at yourself and how you act when you are alone compared to how you act in the group mind setting, you will see that you almost dumb yourself down to a level that you think will help you fit in with your friends. If we could just open our eyes, we would see how repetitive and dumb we think inside of our group minds.

When you are alone you think about things that are natural to everybody, such as how to improve yourself. Your time alone is the best medicine for you. When you enter the group setting you tend to think of ways to make them laugh or accept you. The atmosphere of your friends is like a poison for your mind. You don’t think about yourself or how you want to look, you think of how you want others to see and hear you. This happens to everybody and it takes a lot of self-discipline and motivation to look at yourself from the outside when you are inside of your group mind.

There was a time when I was with a friend that I thought I was very close to, because we would hang out outside of school a lot. Then one day we were at the usual hangout spot for all of the school kids and all of our friends were there. My close friend acted as if he barely knew me. I didn’t know what it was, but he didn’t talk to me much, and I found out later that he had said some things about me that weren’t true and he knew it. I decided to overlook that and we continued hanging out, but it kept happening, so I began to start making up excuses to not hang out with him.Eventually we stopped hanging out altogether. I realized that he completely changed the way he acted just to fit in with the group mind.

I took that experience and looked at myself in terms of groups that I hung out with. I began to...
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