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Pages: 3 (741 words) Published: May 10, 2011
Case Two

Plaintiff: Jane Chambers (Prosecution)
Defendant: Giorgio’s Grill (Defense)


Jane Chambers, filed a personal injury action alleging negligence by the defendant, Giorgio's Grill. She alleges that she slipped and fell on a wet napkin, breaking her leg. The defendant denied any negligence.

Giorgio's was a restaurant which became a night club after certain hours. It had a tradition of both the wait staff and customers throwing paper napkins into the air as the music played throughout the evening. The napkins would land on the floor of the restaurant. No one would pick them up, although when they became too deep, customers would push them to the side. Because drinks were occasionally spilled, sometimes the napkins would be wet.

Both Chambers and her fiancé testified that they went to the restaurant to meet a friend around midnight on the night of the incident. They had been to Giorgio's about five or six times before and knew that it became a night club after certain hours. They also knew of the napkin-throwing tradition and never thought it could be dangerous.

Upon arriving, they sat down at one of the tables in the back of the club. The restaurant was relatively crowded. Chambers had one drink and then went to the restroom. On the way back from the restroom she slipped and fell, breaking her leg in the process. After she was on the ground, she observed that the floor was wet and napkins were on her shoes. Her fiancé heard her scream, came running, and also observed the wet napkins on her shoes. While she did not know exactly how she slipped, she knew she slipped on something, and assumed that she slipped on the napkins. Her clothes were wet from being on the ground.

Chambers was in great pain and had to be carried out of the restaurant where she waited for an ambulance. She was transported to the hospital and had surgery the next day to repair her broken leg. She relied on a wheelchair for...
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