Group Discussion for Case Study 1

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  • Published : September 19, 2011
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Group Discussion for Case Study 1

1. Carmen’s product is created by Carelyn Creswell. Carman’s product is a product in the health food market with a range of muesli, muesli bars and organic honey. Creswell developed the Carman’s iconic black packaging to set it apart from the bright colours of the well-established breakfast cereal. There is a philosophy ‘Food should come from the kitchen and not the chemist’ on the front of every box, together with ‘100% Australian made and owned’ and Creswell’s signature. Carman’s product is operating within cereal industry.

2. The needs that are being satisfied by the products offered are quality conscious and increasing health conscious. Creswell accommodated the latest dietary requirement to be low GI or wheat free. Next is that the products are Australian-made. If people want to buy the Australian option, Carman’s is one of the only cereals in the aisle that is Australian owned. It also meets the needs of society by donating money or equipment to the Cancer and Bowel Research and participated in product giveaways with other charities.

3. There are few marketing philosophies applied here :

- Societal concept : charity and sponsors

- Marketing concept : without doing any advertising because she believes having own personality, price promotion, in-store demonstration, leveraging word of month

- Product concept :

▪ Focus on healthy ingredient, “food come from the kitchen and not the chemist”

▪ Position brand, having a high position in the market in Australia

▪ Want differentiate from other, do not use any advertising for the products as promotion and concern about personality of the brand

▪ Different packaging, using the iconic black packaging for the products

4. Possible marketing challenges that Carman’s may probably face in the future :-

- Competitions, others company may enter into the market

- Product imitation, others products act as the...
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