Group Development

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Group Development

Reflecting on the many committees, teams, and groups that I have been on or have been a part of over of my career, I would have to say the majority of them have been formed in reaction to an already occurring problem. In the following paper, I will explain my experience with work-based group formation and the challenges of the groups.

Group Development
In my years of experience over my career, it seems that group formation has occurred at either my present or my past employment due to an existing problem. Healthcare organizations are continuously seeking out ways to improve patient outcomes and increase business. Therefore, when groups are formed, typically the groups’ focus is on a priority initiative or a goal. Although, formation of the group would seem to be a step all in itself, often times, the storming phase seems to occur or take precedence over the initial formation. It can feel as if though the formation phase had started, but the players on the team were not assigned a position to play. Hence, the storming commences and the teammates are confused and overwhelmed.

When you come into a team in the storming stage, people are unsure of who owns the group. Someone always has to own the group as follow-up and accountability are crucial for team success. Without a leader, the players may lose interest, fail to uphold meeting times, and let important issues fall off the list. Since no one knows who owns the group, no one can delegate important tasks. When an entire team attempts to solve a problem without an identified duty within the problem-solving task for each member of the team, efficiency and effectiveness are out the window. Most of the teams I have been incorporated into have had this very real problem. When they started off storming instead of forming, the team’s progress was always delayed until an identified assignment of duties could be composed. The duties were...
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