Group Development

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Stages of Group Development:
Groups generally pass through a standardized sequence in their evolution. We call this sequence the five stage model of group’s development. Although research indicates that not all groups follow this pattern, it is a useful framework for understanding group development.

The Five-Stage Model:
The five stage model pass through five distinct stages: Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing & Adjourning.

Stage 1: Forming
The “forming” stage takes place when the team first meets each other. In this first meeting, team members are introduced to each. They share information about their backgrounds, interests and experience and form first impressions of each other. Stage 2: Storming

As the team begins to work together, they move into the “storming” stage. This stage is not avoidable; every team – most especially a new team who has never worked together before – goes through this part of developing as a team. In this stage, the team members compete with each other for status and for acceptance of their ideas. They have different opinions on what should be done and how it should be done – which causes conflict within the team. Stage 3: Norming

Norming is complete when the group structure solidifies and the group has assimilated a common set of expectations. Stage 4: Performing
The structure at this point is fully functional and accepted. Group energy has moved from getting to know and understand each other to perform the task to reach the goal.

Stage 5: Adjourning stage
In this stage the group prepares for its disbandment. High task performance is no longer the group’s top priority. Instead attention is directed towards wrapping up activities .Responses of group members vary in this stage, some are upbeat, others may be depressed because of the loss of the friendship they have gained during the work life.

An Alternative Model for Temporary Groups with Deadlines:
Temporary groups with deadlines don’t seem to follow the...
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