Group Decision Making

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  • Published : September 13, 2008
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The purpose of this essay is to identify the strengths and weaknesses of group decision making which may perhaps lead to an improvement in organisational decision making. In order for an organisation to exist there must be a collection of people trying to achieve the same purpose. Several issues arise when a group comes together to discuss ideas and formulate plans effecting the organisation. Performance becomes more effective and efficient when proper techniques are used to accomplish a specific task or activity. Brainstorming, the nominal group technique as well as electronic meetings have the potential to assist in complicated situations. Furthermore, with the assumption that these methods facilitate, increasing organisational decision making may occur. Interacting groups rely on verbal and non verbal interface to communicate. Poorly organised meetings cause members to second guess themselves and hold back alternative ideas due to the hidden pressures of judgment and disapproval of recommendations. Brainstorming utilizes “an idea-generation process that specifically encourages any and all alternatives while withholding any criticism” (Robbins, Judge, Millett & Waters-Marsh, 2008). There are two components of brainstorming. First, free wheeling means to share and record all ideas concurrently as they are being expressed. The downfall associated with this method is known as production blocking. Production blocking is a common issue that forces a disruption in brain activity caused by the “inability for more than one group member to talk at the same time” (Kerr and Tindale, 2004). The randomness of speaking turns distracts proper concentration and train of thought. The second method is Round-Robin, this is where members have the chance to speak at a precise time and has the opportunity to pass if needed (Kelly, 1994). Simply one out of the ordinary idea can fuel many others into thinking out of the box. Both methods of brainstorming allow members to join...
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