Group Decision Making

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  • Published : March 6, 2013
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Group decision making could be analysed as a very complex process whereby individual contributions play a big role in it. Wood et al. (2010) explained that group decision effectiveness equates to individual contributions add group process gains and deduct group process loss. We felt that the decisions made in groups contributed to a major part to mould the behaviour of individuals in future group activities. Hence, it is crucial to focus and analyse on the key factors that created effective group decision making versus factors that factors that threatened effectiveness.

As the leader of a team, I believe in giving motivation to my teammates through empowerment. Empowerment refers to giving more autonomy to them to work with greater responsibilities towards our goals (McShane et al. 2010). My teammates felt valued as individual leaders of the team with the power to make more decisions. We believed that the ability to come out with solutions during circumstances proved effective to decision making. The critical thinking skills will help us in future group activities.

Managing good relationships is one of the key criteria for working in teams. One good way to handle relationships is by having critical communication when facing crisis. According to e-resource working in teams, group effectiveness could be achieved when individuals choose not to avoid critical conversations due to difficult issues. During our project discussion, we stumbled upon many difficulties and we had critical conversations to help one another. I found that the right way to do this is to be well prepared for the conversation and keeping in mind of the successful outcome. During the conversation with my teammate, I showed support by asking their concerns to open up the dialogue. To wrap things up, I gave sensitive feedbacks and suggested other alternatives. Critical communication improves your interpersonal skills which will be useful for future work purposes.

The greatest challenge...
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