Group Data on Brown Peterson's Stm

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Individual Data
In the 1940s, memory loss was widely considered to be the result of new information interfering with previously learned information. In the late 1950s, two groups of researchers (one named Brown and a husband and wife team named Peterson) published data that forced a new interpretation of human memory. With reference to table 1, and output graph, short distracter duration and the moderate distracter duration as well as the longer distracter duration showed 100%, that is after 1sec of distracter duration was 100, after 11secs of distracter duration was again 100 and after 21secs also the distracter duration was 100. According to Brown – Peterson, the more time passes after the original viewing of the trigram, the worse recall becomes. The theory is not totally applicable as the distracter duration had no effect on P. The results are contrary to the hypothesis as it is showing no distracter duration in the short, moderate and long durations. This could be due to the ceiling effect, another possible explanation is that the numerical was not distracting enough to engross the P as it was just to respond whether the shown word was word or non word which did not lead to rehearse the 3letters (trigrams) that were shown previously. The central executive is in charge of planning future actions, initiating retrieval and decision processes as necessary and integrating information coming into the system. The phonological loop is the speech – and – sound related component responsible for rehearsal of verbal information and phonological processing. The visuo – spatical sketchpad is a system specialised for visual and spatial information, holding or maintaining that kind of information in a short – term duration buffer. If the group data were to be collected for this experiment, it would be ANNOVA as the experiment had three independent variables. The aim of the...
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