Group Communication Video Cases

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Group Communication Video Cases

Video 1 Response: Helping Annie
The video of the school nurse, psychiatrist, and the case worker discussing ways to help Annie is a good video to analyze group diversity and communication styles. Two of these individuals are females and the other is a male, Max. Annie is a 17 year old high school student suffering from possible depression and an eating disorder. The school nurse is the individual that has noticed Annie’s issues and has turned to the case worker and psychiatrist for help. The combination of individuals with different job titles, skills, personalities, and ideas is an effective way to discover techniques to help Annie. As a result, group member diversity exists. This particular group is a heterogeneous group because not all members are the same. Max seems to believe the best way to approach the situation is to provide Annie with medication. However, the female nurse, Judy, has spoken with Annie and believes an effective method is to provide Annie with group therapy. The other female individual has similar ideas as Judy and feels the best way to approach the situation is on a group basis. In other words, she feels the group needs to meet with Annie and then determine the next best step or method. The diversity amongst the group did have an effect on communication styles and was a hindrance to communication. For example, Max strongly believed his ideas were effective, which caused him to ignore the ideas of others and interrupt communication. Therefore, the female individuals had a difficult time expressing ideas. Two communication methods that could have been used to better facilitate the group are team talk to help use language effectively and nonverbal communication, such as vocal expression. Vocal expression can help the members say words properly. Reference

Engleberg, I. N. & Wynn, D. R. (2010). Working in groups. (5th ed.). Boston: Pearson/Allyn & Bacon.

Video 2 Response: Planning a Playground...
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