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Topics: Starbucks, Coffee, Costa Rica Pages: 4 (1103 words) Published: January 24, 2013
Organizational Behavior and Communication
Gabriella Goodfield
January 14, 2013
Deborah Elver

Organizational Behavior and Communication
Organizational Behavior and Communication is found in every company, organizations, and groups. Organizational behavior and communications are discussed by using Starbucks Coffee Company. The discussion will cover company’s values and mission statement. The mission statement contains the philosophy, vision, and values. Also, some background of the company will be given. There will a discussion on the communication and on what extent this is determine by the Starbucks Coffee Company Culture. Background

Starbucks was start in the 1970 in the state of Washington. The name Starbucks was inspire by the novel Moby Dick. In 1987 purchased by a man name Howard Schultz. At the time of the purchase Starbucks had stores only the Pacific Northwest. After the purchase Starbucks was selling coffee in other countries such Europe. In the first vision of Schultz was to fine coffees. Organizational Culture

The organizational culture of Starbucks is based on diversity. The formula that they use is Diversity=Inclusion+Equity+Accessibility. The definition is “Inclusion: human connection & engagement, Equity: fairness & justice, and Accessibility: ease of use & barrier free” (, 2013). The company has divided the organizational culture (diversity) in the following parts: 1. Partner/employees: Starbucks wants partners as different as the cities they work in. The proper word could be diverse 2. Customers: Starbuck want their customers to have an extremely nice experience. In order to achieve this Starbucks by giving the customer their preferences. 3. Communities: Starbucks does make investment in local communities as well as worldwide. Starbucks by giving economic opportunities in ways of jobs and other forms of help. 4. Suppliers: Starbucks work with...
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