Group Communication

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Group communication differ from individual communication because group communication involves more than one person either in a meeting or some type of conference, whether it is face-to-face, over the phone or video conferencing. When you are in a group or part of a team, there are a lot of ideas that can be place on the table from many different people. However, when you are the individual with the idea, then there is no conflict. In group communication there are numerous members, who may have differing views on the subject /issues, so there is always the chance of disagreements as well. Regarding individual communication, disagreements and making decisions is much easier, because you are the only one involved making the process. Communication within a group is a vital component to any healthy business and its structure. Group communication is a skill in which people comes together to solve certain problems and issues, depending on the issue, subject, and/or problem these groups could be made up of people from all over. Groups share their knowledge and sometimes there are some conflicts but what comes out of the conflict is mutual agreement in what they have done. Group communication provides the opportunity for people from different walks of life to come together to understand each other in cooperation. If a disagreement arises in a group, a good conflict resolution strategy that could be used is simply to identify the problem as they arise and work toward a solution to the benefit of all involved. In a group not everyone is going to agree, so as a group discuss the disagreement and come up with a resolution. Also it is important to make responsibilities and ground rules clear at the beginning. A strategy that can be used to foster group communication is to have a leader. The person that called the meeting is in charge. For example in class, we have an instructor. Our instructor provides us information, details, and allows us to give different...
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