Group Code of Conduct

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Code of Conduct
Group Code of Conduct

Be Considerate
You are working with others as a team so you need to be considerate of how your actions or contribution affects your group members as a whole.
-No wasting of time
-No interrupting while other are talking
-No cell phones during group meeting
-Follow all rules and regulations pertaining to the group
-Show loyalty to the group and to each member. This is our team not my team. - Have work completed by deadline indicated by the group, additionally send your work to everyone in the group before class due dates

Be Respectful
Treat others with respect. Everyone can make a valuable contribution to our group project. We may not always agree, but disagreement is no excuse for inappropriate behavior or poor manners. At some point in time we might all experience some level of frustration, however we cannot allow that frustration to turn into a personal attack. Be respectful when dealing with other members as well as with people from other groups. Avoid becoming involved in flame wars, trolling, personal attacks, and repetitive arguments. It's very important to remember that a group where people feel uncomfortable or threatened will not be a productive one.

-Remember the “Golden Rule”; we are adults and must treat each other as such. - Do not dismiss anyone else’s belief

Be Available
Check your e-mails, text messages, call log and voicemails regularly and respond to messages promptly.
-Participate in all group related work. We all have a part to play. -Be on time to meetings and if you are going to be late or cannot make it, be sure to call ahead of time.

Be Honest
Sometimes the hardest thing to say is "no" or admit you've forgotten do something. Be honest with each other and yourself with regards to what you say and to what you can realistically commit.
-Always put forth the best effort in producing the best possible...
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